The Ultimate Summer Bucket List


After what felt like an entire decade of winter, spring practically came and went. At least summer is almost here, and hopefully we’ll be able to fully enjoy it. How about a summer bucket list to document what we’d like to do?

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List
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Unfortunately we are in the middle of a global pandemic (covid-19/coronavirus), and almost everything has been put on hold. Still, I wanted to share the ultimate summer bucket list of what we could be doing if this terrible situation had never come about. A girl (or boy) could still dream right?

Note: Though states are slowly reopening now, I encourage each and every one of you to enjoy your summer in the safest way possible .

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  1. Open all the windows and let the fresh air in
  2. Make homemade ice cream
  3. Learn a new skill (or new skills)
  4. Smudge the entire apartment
  5. Properly participate in #HotGirlSummer
  6. Go rooftop bar hopping
  7. Catch fireflies (or lightning bugs as some may call them)
  8. Make homemade Italian ice
  9. Have a water balloon fight
  10. Build a lemonade stand and sell
  11. Climb into a hammock and take a nap
  12. Go (in season) fruit picking
  13. Take a trip to the zoo
  14. Start a bullet journal and document the days
  15. Watch the beautiful sunset
  16. Do absolutely nothing
  17. Lay on the grass at night and stargaze
  18. Create a collection of seashells
  19. Donate winter gear for the next winter season
  20. Take advantage of the nice winds and go kite flying
  21. Take a road trip across several states
  22. Go biking around the Park
  23. Head to the Aquarium
  24. Plant some flowers, any flowers
  25. Start a herb garden on the window sill
  26. Do some much needed cleaning and home organizing
  27. Go kayaking
  28. Take a weekend trip to a nearby family resorts (e.g. Camelback, Kalahari, Greatwolf, etc)
  29. Visit the animal shelter and dream of adopting all the animals
  30. Take a hike (literally)
  31. Visit the Botanical Garden
  32. Cook something you’ve never cooked before
  33. Take up sewing
  34. Take some swimming lessons
  35. Visit a butterfly garden
  36. Go jogging every single morning
  37. Have at least one “no tech” day a week
  38. Have a solo picnic with some favorite books
  39. Brunch ……… to death
  40. Stock up on brand new candle scents
  41. Buy an excessive amount of pastel colored clothing
  42. Visit the Farmers market for in season produce
  43. Go play some mini golf
  44. Visit the beach before the crowds arrive
  45. Visit the petting zoo
  46. Take a pic in front of Carrie Bradshaw’s place
  47. Head to the rink for some roller skating
  48. Make a few attempts at scoring strikes at the bowling alley
  49. Get in some adventure and go zip lining
  50. Throw on some rain boots and go puddle jumping while it rains

There you have it! And remember, please stay safe.

What would YOU like to add to your summer bucket list? Chime in below.

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List
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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List
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