That One Time My Period Created an Emergency

Isn’t it amazing how a woman can bleed for up to a week(or two) every month and not die? It’s something like a superpower. Unfortunately, at one point my daughter Lei wasn’t too aware of this menstrual superpower and it scared her half to death. Let me explain.

My Menstrual Period Emergency

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In honor of breaking period stigmas, I wanted to tell my short, never told, kinda embarrassing period story. I was gonna take this story with me to the grave but what the hell, I guess you can laugh at my expense (just this one time though LOL).

Here Goes. I was on the toilet, minding my business during what i thought was a solo bathroom session, (huge mistake) when Lei comes into the bathroom to sit in her usual spot on the edge of the bathtub with her iPad. I’m like OK, cool. She’s been in the bathroom with me several times, No big deal.

Thinking nothing of it, I went back to minding my business and began the process of swapping and cleaning my menstrual cups. As I removed the cup from my vagina, it slipped from my hand and into the toilet, with most of the blood landing on my hand. I let out a loud “oh shit” then Lei looked up as I removed my bloodied hand from between my legs.

She started screaming.

Like, literally screaming.

She had become hysterical before rushing out of the bathroom. I knew exactly where she was running – into the other room to grab my phone and dial 911. I had taught her to dial 911 for emergencies including mommy being hurt. If only she knew I wasn’t actually hurt this time.

There I was trying to run behind her with my pants around my calves, ass out, and blood trickling down my thighs. I was such a mess. Not to mention I almost fell flat on my face several times. I was trying to explain that I was okay but to Lei, all she saw was blood and that translated to “mommy is hurting”.

At this time the call had already gone through.

I never thought I’d find myself explaining my menstrual cycle to a 911 dispatcher. How embarrassing was it saying, “sorry, I’m not dying, I’m just on my period”.

After he finished laughing his ass off and following usual procedure, we hung up and I proceeded to calm Lei. I felt so bad. Though I did prepare her for emergency situations, It bothered me to see my baby girl such distress.

But, I must say I was impressed by how quick she was to take action. Deep down I was feeling like a proud mama. If this were a true emergency, Lei would’ve saved my life.


Do you have any embarrassing period stories? Don’t be shy, chime in below.

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That One Time My Menstrual Period Created an Emergency