7 Journal Prompts For When You’re Sick of Everything

Journal writing is simply an account of your thoughts an feelings. It allows you to look back at what you’ve written, keeping track of any progress, improvements or accomplishments made. One effective way to journal is to use prompts. Journal prompts are created to give you an idea of what to write about, especially when you are lost.

How to Journal with Prompts
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Did you know journal writing can be super beneficial to your health? Expressing your feelings and emotions through journal can ease distress and help you cope. It is a form of “solo therapy” that can be used as a powerful tool to incite your healing process. Its even backed by research. So, when you’re feeling like shit and want to bring your mind to a better place, try these here journal prompts to lift yourself a little higher.

1. One thing I love about my life is …
Why do you love this so much? What pleasure does it bring to you/your life?

2. One great thing I overcame was …
Don’t worry about whether its big or small. What steps did you take to overcome this? How did you feel once this was achieved?

3. These are the words I need to hear.
If you were someone else, what would you need to tell you? Why would they need to tell you this?

4. I would like to be remembered for …
Name something you would like to be remembered for. Why would you like to be remembered for this?

5. I forgive myself for ….
What do you need to forgive yourself for? Negative self thoughts? Hurting yourself? Hurting someone else?

6. I deserve to be here because …
You deserve to be here. Define your purpose whether you think its significant or not.

7. Positive changes I made so far this year …
List all the positive changes you made so far this year. Were the processes difficult? Easy?

Journal writing doesn’t require anything fancy, just grab a pen or pencil, a notebook, and you’re good to go!

Do you journal when things are tough? What journal prompts do YOU use to get through rough patches?

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Feeling Like Shit, Journal With these Prompts
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