The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is officially here! (well, its been here for about a month now. Am I late? Damn.) The weather is getting cooler, leaves are turning and dropping from their trees, and the stores have updated their window displays. Not to mention there’s pumpkin spice everything all over the place – HUGE indicator. Know what that means? Autumn bucket list time!

Autumn is by far my favorite season ever. For starters, its the official kickoff of Libra season, Hey Libra crew! (my birthday was 09/27 and I’m still accepting gifts by the way, hint hint.), it’s the constant reminder that we’re this much closer to thanksgiving and Christmas, and we can begin drafting our New Years resolutions while simultaneously hoping and praying that 2021 will be a much better year.

I along with millions of other humans couldn’t wait for the official start of Autumn, so here’s the entire bucket list of things to do this season, that’ll get you in the cozy spirit in the midst of our current situation.

The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List
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Go Apple picking

Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Oh my! OK, that was freaking corny. Anyway go pick some apples.
Support local farmers!

Visit a pumpkin patch

What fun it’d be to collect a beautiful pumpkin and ruin it by doing a terrible job at carving out a Jack o lantern! Bonus points if it comes out fantastic! Overall It’s fun AF though. Support local farmers!

Jump in a huge pile of leaves

Gather your rake (or your hands) and bring together the most driest leaves you could find.
Ready? 1 – 2 – 3 JUMP!

Update your fall wardrobe

Cozy knits, jeans without rips (or wear your leggings underneath the ripped jeans), chelsea boots, Ugg boots, blazers, faux leather, etc.
Does this turn you on? LOL

Go from camping to Glamping

Camping, but make it glam. For a bit of luxury during your camp, grab your biggest tents, some comfier bedding, led lights, and touches of home(any decor you’d like). Then, head to the backyard or nearest campsite for a fun night (or two) in the great outdoors.

Take a hike, literally

A huge benefit of hiking in autumn is the weather. Not too hot, not too cold.
Plus, you’ll get to see the beauty of fall foliage.

Dress up as a zombie (or other scary character) and jumpscare people

Is there a strong possibility of you getting your ass kicked by total strangers? Yes.
Should you do it anyway? Yes.

Try a pumpkin spice flavored something

A latte, a cake, a seasoning (yes, seasoning), a bagel, a pie, etc. endless options.

Make candy apples

Don’t forget, you’ll need a candy thermometer for this. Otherwise, pretty simple recipe. Try it out!

Create cool autumn art

Take part in some Autumn arts and crafts, for kids and adults alike. Tap into your creative side!

Stock up on Autumn themed candles

Bath and Body Works is currently having a BOGO sale on all their candles, just sayin’.
(at the time this is posted)

Host a scary movie night

Cue the scary movie night checklist:

Visit the Farmers market

Farmers markets are still in operation! Autumnal produce is more than just pumpkins, there’s apples, beets, artichokes, persimmons, figs, a plethora of herbs, quinces, potatoes, etc… Grab your mask, your reusable bag and get to shopping! Support local farmers!

Baby, it’s (getting) cold outside! Our fellow humans are in need of some cold weather wear to keep warm during this time of year. Organizations such as One Warm Coat and Operation Warm help to provide coats for people in need nationwide. You can also drop off your gently used coats at your local Burlington store.

Make autumn themed slime

Take a basic slime recipe and add some autumnal elements to it:
some crushed acorns, pinecones, crumpled leaves, even candy corn!

Our fellow humans are always in need of food, especially around the holidays.
Why not give to those in need? (lets do this year round as well).

Build a hot chocolate stand

An awesome and cute idea, especially for the kiddos. Their cute faces make grown ups want to spend their money LOL


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Learn some new recipes

Put your autumnal produce to use for some tasty soups, a spin on your usual go to recipes, or try some new satisfying drinks!

Update the ol’ skincare routine

I guess its that time, where we opt for thicker moisturizers, skin spritzes, and more sleeping masks to combat the dryness coming our way. Don’t forget your spf! Its needed year round.

Try some new autumn makeup looks

Ive been attemping some new makeup looks for the season, and no I will not show you because I laughed at myself enough already LOL. But if youre a little more advanced than a makeup noob such as myself, get out your warm toned shadow palettes and lippies to create some looks.

Go on a leafy bike ride through your local park

The fall foliage along bike trails are stunning, just stunning.

Continue creating content

For your blog, YouTube, social media accounts, etc ….. We stan a consistent queen/king.

Attempt to make a scarecrow

What was once known (well, still is) as a means of warding off crows and other birds to protect crops, scarecrows have become a staple in autumn decor. Why not make one for yourself? Best of luck!

Try your hand at knitting

Save a few coins and practice making your own cozy knits. Who knows, you may become a pro at it and create tops, bottoms, and even booties! (all I can knit is a rectangle right now so Ill just focus on making a scarf.)

Go on a scavenger hunt

Have some fun utilizing your detective level investigative skills to find a bunch of stuff strategically placed around a designated area … I hope you win tons of prizes!

Bake some yummy autumn treats

Autumn is the perfect season for baking. You get to experience delightful smells that take over your entire abode, plus it’s amazing baking near a warm oven on a cool day.

Steal the kids’ Halloween candy

While checking the kids’ candy you usually set a few pieces aside for yourself am I right?
Go on, admit it, this is a safe place.

Take advantage of the winds and fly a kite

Autumn is known for cool, steady breeze and your kite will totally enjoy it. All you need is a kite of course, an open field or open area within a park to get your kite soaring high, and your core ready to engage while trying to maintain your kites height. Be careful though, be sure to avoid powerlines!

Indulge in candy corn

Yes, candy corn. This is a candy corn Stan blog and no slander will be tolerated.

Watch Hocus Pocus for the millionth time

What would an autumn bucket list be without Hocus Pocus? I think we’d all agree when I say The Sanderson sisters may be top five in the list of iconic movie witches.

Well, this about wraps up the Autumn Bucket List. Hopefully this post gave tons of new ideas for you to try this cozy season.

Quick question:

What’s On Your Autumn Bucket List? Chime In Below.

Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate you visiting my little home on world wide web street, and I hope you’ll be back for another visit very soon.

– Katry