Nice to Meet Me, Nice to Meet You

I read tons of blogs and I always come across these cool “[insert number here] things about me” posts. It feels so nice to get a glimpse of a blogger’s personal life and interests for a hot minute, and it also reminds us of the human side of things. Since I love reading these posts so much, I figured I’d do one to properly introduce myself by presenting a few facts about me. Something like a “21 questions you never asked” type thing.

Hi I’m Katry Alber (KATRY), blogger + creator of Modernarie and:

I love corny jokes.

“Why couldn’t the flower ride a bike?”
Because it didn’t have any petals (pedals).
Did you laugh?

I read lots of self help and personal development books.

I’m reading “You are a Badass” yet again. Though I do enjoy other genres, anything having to do with uplifting yourself and getting your shit together is my jam. Next up is Atomic Habits by James Clear.

I’m an unofficial mixologist.

Whenever i drink something [except water], it has to be mixed with something else. I’m always mixing juice with either seltzer or ginger ale, or I’d put an ice pop in a cup of juice or seltzer (don’t ask lol). If I were to list all my other concoctions I’ll be here all day. They always come out amazing though.

Sometimes I forget that I’m young.

… and have some time. I’ll be pushing 30 soon, and when most of us think of the big 3-0, we think of it as the prelude to the mid life crisis. We’ve been conditioned to believe that if you haven’t gotten it all together by the time you’re 30, you accomplished nothing, you’re this huge failure, and now it’s too late for anything else in life.

I’m a night owl who loves early mornings.

Sometimes I pull all-nighters just to watch the sunrise. Not healthy. I mean, I love the night/dark but I also love the sunrise – but I’m not the biggest fan of daytime. Makes sense? No?

My favorite food is pizza.

Mmmmm pizza ….. a giant doughy cheesy saucy circle cut into triangles and served in a box. This is why I gained weight LOL. (fitness journey post coming soon)

I never had a crush on anyone before.

IDK what it is, maybe I just didn’t like anyone enough? LOL

My favorite music genre is Jazz

Quiz me on Coltrane I bet Ill get all the answers right. I love Jazz because of the soothing and mature sound. Every time I hear a saxophone it just gets me in this mood that I can’t explain. Its such a classy, sexy instrument. That, mixed with pianos, the horns and everything else- it’s simply amazing. I love going to jazz clubs here in NYC just to hear emerging jazz artists play.

I am Obsessed with Hello Kitty

Kiti Howaito also known as Kitty White, formally known as Hello Kitty, born November 1st 1974 is my absolute favorite cartoon character of all time. Did you know she is the height of three apples?

No matter how many times I’ve seen them, I Can watch Golden Girls reruns ALL FREAKING DAY.

Dun dun dun dun ….. Thank you for being a frieeeeeeeend.

I dislike having my photo taken

Yea I know, I’m trying to be this blogger and and I hate having my photo taken. It’s cool though because I’ve been working on it and I am getting there. What I do love is taking photos of other things; I secretly wanted to try my hand at photography for the longest now.

I’m Fascinated with the weird and unknown

Weird food, clothing, undiscovered places, the assumption of other life forces on other planets, area 51 LOL, dumbass conspiracy theories, you name it, I’m interested in hearing about it.

Sometimes I stay up late because, FOMO.

I don’t know why, but sometimes I feel like if I fall asleep, I’m gonna miss out on some grand event.

I LOVE thrifting.

The denim, the cool bags, all the vintage finds, etc. Its amazing to get all these things for a steal! One day I’ll learn how to properly sew so I could make the clothes my own, but for now safety pins will have to do.

I’m a Libra

My birthday is September 27th

I enjoy things involving true crime.

Once upon a [short] time I took up criminology/criminal justice as my college major. I love to watch crime documentaries, listen to crime podcasts, read crime books, etc.

Sometimes I browse magazines from back to front.

There’s really no explanation for this I am so sorry.

I like to watch other people live their lives on Youtube.

Morning routines, “a day in the life”, weekly vlogs, clean with me, etc. I also enjoy fashion/try on hauls, pimple popping, slime, pedicures, basically anything oddly satisfying + more.

I love makeup, but I’m not the best at it.

As a girly tomboy, I’m getting into the makeup game pretty late so its safe to say my makeup skills are pretty basic. BUT, I watch gazillion youtube videos to teach myself every single day. I just love the artistry. Dont ask for a makeup routine please.

My favorite ice cream flavor is

Chocolate chip cookie dough

I’m a lazy natural

I have natural hair. I love it but I just hate doing it. If you see me in person I’ll usually have my hair a few ways; a puff, low bun/pony, head wrap or a fro. Thats it. I’m experimenting now with more styles but those are my usual go-tos.

Hey, why don’t you introduce yourself (and blog if you have one) in the comments? Let’s connect!